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ASSOCIATION of Wisconsin Artists 

1954-2024  Celebrating 70 Years!

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Wisconsin Regional Art Program (WRAP)

Exhibit and workshop opportunities for non-professional artists.

The Wisconsin Regional Art Program (WRAP) encourages nonprofessional, student, and emerging artists to create and exhibit their work across Wisconsin.  It is for people who have a serious interest in art, and create art for the love of art.   WRAP originated as an outreach program of UW-Madison, but is now administered by the Association of Wisconsin Artists.   WRAP retains ties with the UW-Madison through an annual Ag Hall exhibition of WRAP art and an affiliation with the UW Art Department.   Learn more and register.


Make art!  WRAP encourages artists at all levels to practice their craft.  WRAP educational workshop presentations and critique sessions will inspire you to develop your abilities and grow as an artist. 


Show your work! Register for a local WRAP exhibition and workshop in your area.  Award winners from these local exhibits will have their work shown at the annual State Exhibit and are eligible for monetary awards.


Attend your local WRAP workshop, or register for the annual State Conference Weekend.   Be inspired by our incredible speakers, meet other artists, and gain invaluable encouragement and feedback from the critiques.

Contact WRAP Email: Rebecca Herb, WRAP Liaison: Phone: (608) 467-8594

"WRAP art shows have changed my life in a big way for which I will be forever grateful. It has been just one year since I have gotten involved and I am a happier/healthier/stronger person/artist because of it. I've met many wonderful new artist friends and am having a great time. Suddenly I am understood, what a relief, since I've surrounded myself with sensitive creative artists." 



  • Contour Notes and E-news
  • Website:
  • Timely Treasures, an event calendar (with dates noted)
  • A color catalog featuring award winning adult and teen art

Programs, events and recognition:

  • Regional WRAP management
  • Annual State Exhibit and Conference Weekend
  • Tiny Treasures Exhibit and Sale
  • WRAP-Teen (for ages 13-19)
  • WRAP-Kids (for ages 5 through 12)
  • Member Exhibit 
  • Awards from generous donors

Funding sources:

  • Tiny Treasures is an annual fund-raiser
  • Membership dues and Wisconsin Arts Board grants
  • Three endowments support AWA and WRAP
  • Individual and business contributions


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