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AWA/WRAP State Exhibit & Conference

Help keep the AWA and the Wisconsin Regional Art Program thriving!  

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Rebecca Herb, WRAP Liaison: Phone: (608) 467-8594

"WRAP art shows have changed my life in a big way for which I will be forever grateful. It has been just one year since I have gotten involved and I am a happier/healthier/stronger person/artist because of it. I've met many wonderful new artist friends and am having a great time. Suddenly I am understood, what a relief, since I've surrounded myself with sensitive creative artists."


AWA/WRAP State Exhibit & Conference 


This year in July and August, State Award winning artwork from WRAP exhibits around the state are displayed at the AWA/WRAP State Art Exhibit. Also included in the Exhibit are the winners from the Statewide Teen Art Mentor Program (STAMP), Bridging Generations, and over 300 Tiny Treasures.  

The annual AWA State Conference is in late August at the conclusion of the exhibit. Two days of festivities celebrating the art and artists of the annual exhibit include a gala Evening with the Arts and "State Day".   During the Conference, Tiny Treasures are available for sale with proceeds used to fund AWA operations.  This sale is AWA's biggest fundraiser.  In 2022 the State Conference is scheduled for August 26-27 at the Center for the Visual Arts in Wausau. 

Information for Exhibitors

All State Award winners chosen in regional WRAPs during the 2021-2022 exhibit year (July 1, 2021 through June 30, 2022) are invited to exhibit in the AWA/WRAP Annual State Exhibit.  An artist may show only one work, even if multiple State Awards have been received.  The art piece to be exhibited must have won a State Exhibit Award.

State Award winners will receive an invitation to participate along with detailed instructions in mid-May (or as soon as awards are announced for late May or June WRAPs).  The invitation, instructions, and forms will be sent both by email and USPS (snail mail).

In order to participate in the exhibit, registration must be submitted by June 15.  (This is separate from State Conference registration.)  Participation in the exhibit is free for AWA members and $25 for non-members. You must be a current AWA member to be eligible for monetary awards presented at the State Conference.   You can join AWA and pay the $20 annual membership fee when you register for the exhibit.

Artwork for the State Exhibit can be dropped off at the Center for the Visual Arts in Wausau or at the Fitchburg Senior Center near Madison for transport to Wausau.  Two-dimensional art must be ready to hang with side-to-side wire.  Sawtooth hangers cannot be accepted.  Fiber works must include hanging devices (poles). Neither AWA nor the Center for the Visual Arts is liable for transported artwork.

All artwork must be picked up at the Center for the Visual Arts in Wausau on August 27th, including artwork dropped off in Fitchburg.

Important Dates

June 15  Exhibit entry form due
June 24,25 Artwork drop-off at the Center for the Visual Arts in Wausau
June 26,27
Artwork drop-off in Madison for transport to Wausau
August 22 State Conference registration deadline
August 26,27 AWA State Conference in Wausau
August 27 Artwork pick-up at the Center for the Visual Arts in Wausau

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Information for Attendees

Evening with the Arts

The State Conference begins the evening before State Day when AWA hosts a reception celebrating the Exhibit and the artists. Appetizers and a variety of beverages are typically available. Relax and enjoy soft music and view the artwork.  During the evening, awards for the Tiny Treasures winners are presented.  A typical schedule for Evening with the Arts:

6:00 pm  EWA Reception begins
7:15 pm  Tiny Treasures Awards
9:00 pm  EWA ends

State Day

State Day activities include a speaker and a presentation by the judge of the show.  Speakers' bios are available at the NEWS tab.  This year, AWA is providing a free box lunch to all registrants of the morning speakers' presentation.  Following the lunch is the awards ceremony.  Awards, presented by AWA, are for meritorious artwork in the WRAP exhibit.  In addition, service awards and the John Steuart Curry medal, our most prestigious award for service to AWA and the arts are presented.  It’s a great honor to receive these awards. 

A typical schedule for State Day events:

10:00 am  Speakers' Presentations
Noon    Lunch
1:00 pm  Awards Ceremony
3:00 pm  Conference ends and artists pick up artwork 

To register and pay by mail for the 2022 State Conference click here for a paper registration form. If you would like to register and pay online, click below on 2022 Annual State Conference

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For more information about Evening with the Arts and State Day activities, contact 

Information on Awards

State Day awards are made possible by contributions from individuals and organizations throughout the state of Wisconsin and beyond, some of whom have sponsored awards for many years going back as early as the 1960’s. These awards were created to recognize the achievements of participating artists. Many are memorial awards honoring a family member or friend who shared a special love of the arts. Some are given for excellence in a specific medium or craft while others are open to all media. The sponsors have the option to select the recipient themselves (and some do), otherwise the judge of the show selects the award winner. Only current members of AWA are eligible to receive awards.  For more information contact 

Thank you to all of our award sponsors whose generosity provides so much encouragement to WRAP artists and keeps our State Day vibrant and strong.

Click here to view the 2022 AWA award descriptions. 

Donna Miller Crown for a Day 2021

Curry Award winners

L-R Mary Ann Inman, Jean Lang, Jeanne Ferreira, Donna Miller and Sally Probasco 


  • Contour Notes and E-news
  • Website:
  • Timely Treasures, an event calendar (with dates noted)
  • A color catalog featuring award winning adult and teen art

Programs, events and recognition:

  • Regional WRAP management
  • Annual State Exhibit and Conference Weekend
  • Tiny Treasures Exhibit and Sale
  • STAMP (Statewide Teen Art Mentor Program for teens)
  • Bridging Generations (for ages 5 through 12)
  • Member Exhibit 
  • Awards from generous donors

Funding sources:

  • Tiny Treasures is an annual fund-raiser
  • Membership dues and Wisconsin Arts Board grants
  • Three endowments support AWA and WRAP
  • Individual and business contributions


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